Listen to the hoofbeats all you want,
but don’t run with the herd.

Breeding Recommendations

Unique on this continent as the only son of SUNDAY SILENCE at stud, ADMIRE MAIN brings not only a distinguished pedigree to the table, but also an outstanding race record. Winner of his first 4 starts by a total approaching 20 lengths, (all at Stakes level).

Physically, he is a stronger, better developed specimen than most of his sires' progeny, and he comes with good clean legs and a good pair of hocks, unusual for the breed. SUNDAY SILENCE is one of the world's greatest stallions, and by some distance one of the best stallions Japan has ever known.

Our panel of experts are able to provide a formal mating recommendation for all of Summerhill's resident stallions, embracing an evaluation of the physical compatibility of your mare with the stallion of your choice, an appraisal of relevant elements such as soundness, durability, speed, stamina, athleticism, temperament and courage a record of duplicated ancestors (and where applicable the reasons for duplicating) and the prospective matings aptitude profile.

Should you wish to avail yourself of this comprehensive service, please contact Stallion Bookings Manager, Linda Norval.

Sunday Silence Progeny

  • Admire Groove (sire of dam Tony Bin/sire of second dam Northern Taste) GR1W
  • Admire Max (Northern Taste/Hitting Away) GR1W
  • Admire Vega (Tony Bin/Northern Dancer) GR1W
  • Agnes Flight (Royal Ski/Remand) GR1W
  • Agnes Tachyon (Royal Ski/Remand) GR1W
  • Air Messiah (Northern Taste/Well Decorated) GR1W
  • Air Shakur (Well Decorated/Gleaming) GR1W
  • Believe (Danzig/Icecapade) GR1W
  • Bubble Gum Fellow (Lyphard/Prominer) GR1W
  • Cheers Grace (Al Nasr/Northfields) GR1W
  • Daiwa El Cielo (Dr Devious/Danzig) GR1W
  • Dance In The Dark (Nijinsky/Key To The Mint) GR1W
  • Dance In The Mood (Nijinsky/Key To The Mint) GR1W
  • Dance Partner (Nijinsky/Key To The Mint) GR1W
  • Deep Impact (Alzao/Busted) GR1W
  • Durandal (Northern Taste/Crème dela Creme) GR1W
  • Fuji Kiseki (Le Fabuleux/In Reality) GR1W
  • Genuine (What Luck/Tentam) GR1W
  • Gold Allure (Nureyev/Hostage) GR1W
  • Hat Trick (Lost Code/Damascus)GR1W
  • Heart’s Cry (Tony Bin/Lyphard) GR1W
  • Heavenly Romance (Sadler’s Wells/Ribot) GR1W
  • Ishino Sunday (Alydar/Ridan) GR1W
  • Manhattan Café (Law Society/Luciano) GR1W
  • Marvelous Sunday (Viceregal/Laugh Aloud) GR1W
  • Peace Of World (Caerleon/Thatch) GR1W
  • Shonan Peintre (In The Wings/Miswaki) GR1W
  • Silence Suzuka (Miswaki/Ack Ack) GR1W
  • Special Week (Maruzensky/Saint Crespin III) GR1W
  • Stay Gold (Dictus/Northern Taste) GR1W
  • Still In Love (Roberto/Northern Dancer) GR1W
  • Sunday Joy (Danehill/Seventh Hussar) GR1W
  • Suzuka Mambo (Kingmambo/Nijinsky) GR1W
  • Tayasu Tsuyoshi (Caro/Buckpasser) GR1W
  • Zenno Rob Roy (Mining/Clever Trick) GR1W
  • Daiwa Major (Northern Taste/Crimson Satan) GR2W
  • Lincoln (Tony Bin/Sadler’s Wells) GR2W
  • Neo Universe (Kris/Shantung) GR2W
  • Orewa Matteruze (Judge Angelucci/Northern Taste) GR2W
  • Rosebud (Shirley Heights/Lyphard) GR2W
  • Rosen Kavalier (Northern Taste/Sea Hawk) GR2W
  • Silent Honor (Woodman/Nureyev) GR2W
  • Silent Name (Danehill/Blushing Groom) GR2W
  • Six Sense (Danehill/Niniski) GR2W
  • Stinger (Affirmed/Minnesota Mac) GR2W
  • Sunrise Pegasus (Brian’s Time/Alydar) GR2W
  • Win Radius (Maruzensky/Silver Shark) GR2W
  • Millennium Bio (Danzig/Connaught) GR3W
  • Silent Deal (Nureyev/Sharpen Up) GR3W
  • Sunday Picnic (Caerleon/Shirley Heights) GR3W
  • Sundrop (Night Shift/Rheingold) GR3W